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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to Muntsy’s?


If you are an adult with a learning disability or require additional support needs, want to be more independent, and get along with others, then you can come along as long as we are right for each other. 


We strongly believe in building on ability.  Our experience in education, business and industry has shown us that everybody brings something different, individual and valuable to the group; whether that be skills, qualities, personality or talent.  With that in mind, our programs change constantly to meet the needs and aspirations of our group members.



How do you join Muntsy’s?


It’s easy - you just try it before you buy! We must say right at the start that people usually have to pay to come to our groups. So, before we start getting bogged down with paperwork etc then try us first!


We will design a free taster programme and that's best for you for a period of time.


During your taster programme, our team will keep an eye on how things are going and we will decide together on the next steps. Once a place has been offered, our team will work closely with you to identify appropriate, realistic and achievable outcomes. Together we will work towards achieving those goals. 


Sometimes, we are not right for each other and we will do all we can to direct you to another service provider that might be.



Who runs the programmes?


A team of skilled and qualified group leaders and supporters run the programmes. They come from a range of professional backgrounds and are highly valued and considered our most important asset.



What support will I get?


You will get the appropriate and right support for you to maintain or move forward your abilities.


We have a good ratio of support ranging from 1:1 to 1:4 however; this might change according to what you are doing.


We do, however; have a ‘Hands off’ Policy. This means that we will only help you when you really need it, as we want you to do as much as you can and, as safely as you can, independently.  This might sound a bit risky but we are all working towards your independence not, your dependence. 


We will never knowingly put you in an unsafe situation but will always challenge you to move forward



Do you provide transport?


Sorry, but no, we don’t.  Most people get to Muntsy’s by sharing a lift or taxi or they get there independently by walking or using public transport. 


If travelling independently is something you would like to do, we can support you with a 6-week training course as part of your programme with us.



What does it cost to come to Muntsy’s?


It costs £25 per session (half-day).  We always encourage people to attend for a whole day as the morning and afternoon sessions are usually linked.  A whole day at Muntsy’s costs £50



Are there any extra costs?


Yes, we ask for £2 a day.  This covers hot/cold drinks and biscuits, some resources, celebration cakes /cards, and sometimes ice creams in the summer.  It also helps towards subsidising other things e.g. transport, some activities, lunches out, using the gym and yoga


Sometimes, when groups choose to do additional activities like horse riding, sailing, pub lunch, etc. we will ask for additional money to pay for it.


How do I pay for Muntsy’s?


Most people pay for their place with a Direct Payment or, from their individual budget. Other people, however, fund their place from their own money. 



What if I can’t afford to pay?


We will do all we can to support you to obtain funding.


Sometimes, we can provide a place free of charge and will let you know if this is possible.



Do you have volunteers?


Yes, we have some wonderful volunteers who bring a wealth of experience, qualities, and skills. They come from the arts, business, care, education, and industry sectors.


We just wouldn’t be without them!


We also have students from local colleges of Further Education who receive valuable training and experience whilst working with our groups and teams.  They, in turn, will often bring freshness and vitality to our provision – something we can all learn from.



Where do you get our funding from?


Our programmes are funded by people paying for their place out of their care budget.  We also get funding from local businesses, other funders, donations, and putting on our own fundraising events. 


Increasingly, fundraising takes more of our time than it used to!



What’s next for Muntsy’s?


We will continue to listen to our lovely group members and the teams that support them.  This guiding principle has served us well for many years.  Only by listening to the people who know best and, who have become our friends, will we be able to continue to strive to get it right.

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